Santa Claus, Tony and Vince Are Coming to Town


The Kickstarter for THE NAUGHTY LIST is coming very soon.

THE NAUGHTY LIST is a short film, directed by Paul Campion (THE DEVIL’S ROCK), and based on my short story “The Siqqusim Who Stole Christmas”.

Don’t confuse it with I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY, which is another Christmas-themed horror movie, for which I acted as Executive Producer. The two are vastly different. One is about two mob enforcers meeting Santa Claus in an encounter that goes terribly awry. The other is a post-apocalyptic tale. DOOMSDAY still has approximately eight months of post-production, so we’ll talk about that later this year.

Right now, it’s all about THE NAUGHTY LIST and running a successful Kickstarter, which means yesterday I dressed like this to make a promotional video.


The nice thing about being involved with two back-to-back Christmas-themed horror movies is that I borrowed the Santa suit from the set of one to film the promotional video for the other.

Obviously, we’ll be asking for your support when the Kickstarter launches. Until then, you can help us out by following @The_NaughtyList on Twitter and on Facebook. There is also a thread on the forum in which Paul has been posting updates and behind the scenes stuff.

Get involved.

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