…Brian Keene. I write novels, comic books, short stories, non-fiction, and the occasional piece of journalism for profit.

My most recent releases are THE COMPLEX and THE CRUELTY OF AUTUMN, both of which are currently available in hardcover. There are a few copies still available here.

Forthcoming releases include ALL DARK, ALL THE TIME: THE COMPLETE SHORT FICTION OF BRIAN KEENE VOL. 2 (February), an original graphic novel (with Steve Wands) called THE FALLEN (mid-2016), paperback and digital versions of THE COMPLEX (early Spring), and PRESSURE (June). The latter marks my return to the mainstream, after a self-imposed exile of several years. You can pre-order PRESSURE here. There are other forthcoming books, but these are the ones that have confident release dates, or that I’m allowed to talk about.

Later this year, I’ll be embarking on a cross-country signing tour (June to December) for PRESSURE. You can keep track as more dates are added here.

I have a serialized novel — THE SEVEN — available via Patreon. For a dollar a month, you can read new chapters as they are posted. Click here for more info.

I have a podcast — THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE — which airs every Thursday night. You can find all of the shows and listen for free from any computer, smart phone, smart television, etc. by clicking here.

I have two movies forthcoming this year. The first is THE NAUGHTY LIST, a short film by Paul Campion based on my short story THE SIQQUSIM WHO STOLE CHRISTMAS. More info on it can be found here. The second film is I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY, on which I served as Executive Producer. More on that later in the year.

I also oversee the literary estate of author J.F. GONZALEZ. 2016 will see a half dozen releases from him (a mix of new stuff and reprints).

I’m on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Goodreads, etc. The links are over there to the top right of your screen. I also have an old fashioned message board forum, which you can access here. I am most active on the Forum and Twitter.

Inspired by John Urbancik’s wonderful INKSTAINS (which you can find here), my New Year’s resolution was to write one poem per day, by hand. Which I still intend to do. They are poems for me, and I probably won’t share them with the general public. But last night, while talking to director Mike Lombardo, I made a second — similar — resolution.

One Blog entry per day.

So I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Hail Saten. (Only long-time readers will understand that sign off, but that’s okay. It will come to make sense to the rest of you…)


  1. Wonderful to hear, Brian! So glad to hear blog posts are coming — and have fun with the poetry! I started writing poetry (more) seriously a couple years ago and it’s been a great way to express myself in a different, more immediate way.

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