Have spent much of the past week mulling over the Levi Stoltzfus series. In interviews this past year, I’ve said there are two books left in the series.

I was wrong. There are three more books left in the series. Here is the break down:

DARK HOLLOWPaperbackKindleNook
GHOST WALK: PaperbackKindleNook
A GATHERING OF CROWS: PaperbackKindleNook
LAST OF THE ALBATWITCHES: Paperback – KindleNook
INVISIBLE MONSTERS: Forthcoming 2016 (Levi versus Black Lodge and the New World Order)
BAD GROUND: Forthcoming 2017 (Levi goes to Centralia)
HOMECOMING: Forthcoming 2019 (Levi returns to the cornfield where it all began)


  1. I love reading about Levi’s adventures. I can’t wait for the new books. When I imagine Levi, he kind of looks like John Popper from Blues Traveler at the end of the movie Kingpin.

  2. Mr. Keene, I just finished the Levi Stoltzfus Series up to the Last of the Albatwitches and I have to say that I enjoyed them tremendously. When will Invisible Monsters be completed? I am itching for more of good old Levi!

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