Gun Control, Globalists, Pop Culture & Being An Anti-Hero

Authors Jonathan Maberry, Christopher Golden, and James A. Moore are dear old friends of mine. They also have their own podcast called THREE GUYS WITH BEARDS. I’m their guest this week, and instead of the usual interview questions, we get into gun control, health care, the victimization culture, and my place in the genre. But if you don’t want to hear my thoughts on those things, I also discuss my forthcoming novels THE COMPLEX and PRESSURE, and a comic book I have slated for release next year. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN FOR FREE

4 thoughts on “Gun Control, Globalists, Pop Culture & Being An Anti-Hero

  1. Brian,

    I have always felt your writing was ment to be read during the beginning of fall and through those cold winter nights. What would your top ten, read this before spring start, I hope the Brothers with the beards pipe in with there selections as well.

        1. MINE:

          1. The Girl on the Glider
          2. Dark Hollow
          3. Ghoul
          4. Dead Sea
          5. Kill Whitey
          6. Blood on the Page
          7. The Rising: Deliverance
          8. Where We Live and Die
          9. The Lost Level
          10. Clickers II

          OTHERS (limiting it to one per author):

          1. The Stand by Stephen King
          2. The Rum Diary by Hunter S. Thompson
          3. The Magic Wagon by Joe R. Lansdale
          4. The Hollower by Mary SanGiovanni
          5. Breeding Ground by Sarah Pinborough
          6. Survivor by JF Gonzalez
          7. Something by Brian Hodge (pick one)
          8. The House on the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson
          9. Something by Laird Barron (pick one)
          10. White by Tim Lebbon

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