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As always, the set includes three signed, limited-edition hardcovers for one low price. These books are produced for the collectible market, using craftsmanship and materials not found in your average trade hardcover. Also, as with previous volumes, one of these books (THE CRUELTY OF AUTUMN) will never be reprinted. This year’s set includes the following titles:

thecomplex THE COMPLEX by Brian Keene

Meet the residents of the Pine Village Apartment Complex. A young trans woman looking for acceptance. A suicidal middle-aged horror writer. A single mother worried about her child. A Vietnam veteran who feels the world has forgotten him. A pair of hunted would-be criminals. An elderly widow who lives for her cats. Two newlyweds just starting their lives together. And the serial killer known as The Exit.

Until tonight, they were strangers — to each other, and to themselves. Now, as their world teeters on the brink of an apocalypse and a murderous horde descends upon the neighborhood, they will have to reveal and embrace their true selves if they hope to escape…THE COMPLEX.

cruelty THE CRUELTY OF AUTUMN by Brian Keene

Autumn is the cruelest season. It reminds us with bleak, bittersweet, melancholy certainty that spring and summer are gone, never to returns, and that winter is coming. Poets like Yeats, Keats, and Verlaine knew this to be true. So did Ray Bradbury and Richard Laymon. And so does Brian Keene, in this new collection of short stories featuring fourteen tales, including “Hide and Seek”, “Fetish”, “Baby Talk”, “The Guardian of Tsalal”, “Going Under”, “Keepsakes”, and many more.

THE CRUELTY OF AUTUMN is exclusive to this Maelstrom 2015 set. The book will never be reprinted, making it a true collectible.

daughtersinanna THE DAUGHTERS OF INANNA by Chesya Burke, Rachel Deering, Amber Fallon and Livia Llewellyn

The next wave in horror starts here! Thunderstorm Books and Maelstrom are proud to present this exciting anthology of all-new novellas by some of the brightest rising stars in horror fiction.

Featuring Livia Llewellyn’s “The One That Comes Before”, Chesya Burke’s “Cut. Pour.”, Rachel Autumn Deering’s “Husk”, and Amber Fallon’s “The Terminal”, as well as an Introduction by Brian Keene, THE DAUGHTERS OF INANNA runs the gamut from quiet supernatural tales to extreme and pulp, offering a diverse selection sure to please and terrify even the most jaded reader.


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