An Update For Fans of J.F. Gonzalez

A few updates for fans of J.F. Gonzalez’s work.

1. Before his death, Jesus was writing two prequels to SURVIVOR. One of them, MONSTERS, was completed. The second one, ANIMALS, was halfway completed. I’m happy to report that Jesus’s friend and occasional collaborator Wrath James White has completed the rest of ANIMALS. I have signed off on both manuscripts, and they are now in the early production stages. Look for those prequels next year from Sinister Grin Press.

2. Regular listeners to my podcast know that much of this year has been spent with me going through Jesus’s files and paperwork and manuscripts (which is a big reason why most of my stuff is delayed). I’ve found all kinds of things, including some unpublished novels, half-complete novels and stories, etc. There is plenty of new work to come.

You may have heard rumors this week about me possibly discovering a sequel to BULLY (something which Jesus had talked about in private with his wife but, to the best of my knowledge, had never actually written). Earlier this week, I found a corrupted Word file which was labeled BULLY 2. We thought it might be a sequel, but after computer sleuth John Goodrich managed to get the file open for me, we discovered that it was, in fact, just an earlier draft of BULLY with some minor textual differences.

So, no. No sequel to BULLY. But as I said, two prequels to SURVIVOR and a lot of unpublished novels and stories to come.

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