The Huffington Post has a new interview with me, in which I discuss why horror is more popular than ever, J.F. Gonzalez’s passing, recent support from Stephen King, influences, the origins of GHOUL, writing for media properties, forthcoming books, and more. Read it here.


In the Huffington Post interview, I talk a bit about PRESSURE, a new novel I have coming out next year from Macmillan. This marks my return to mainstream publishing, something I’ve avoided since Dorchester/Leisure. Here is the publisher’s description:

Off the coast of tropical Mauritius, an ecological catastrophe with global implications is occurring. The ocean’s floor is collapsing at a rapid rate. World-champion free diver and marine biologist Carrie Anderson joins a scientific expedition determined to discover the cause-and how to stop it. But what they uncover is even more horrific. Deep beneath the surface, something is awake. Something hungry. Something…cold. Now, the pressure builds as Carrie and her colleagues must contend with the murderous operatives of a corrupt corporation, an unnatural disaster that grows bigger by the day, and a monstrous predator that may spell the extinction of all mankind.

Jaws meets Alien in this hot new thriller from bestselling author and World Horror Grandmaster Award winner Brian Keene. Pressure is the perfect summer read for fans of Michael Crichton and Douglas Preston.

The trade hardcover is up for pre-order. Click here to reserve your copy.


Nickolaus Pacione is a mentally unstable, racist homophobe from Morris, IL who lives (mostly) unsupervised in his dead grandparent’s basement. Over the last 15 years he has terrorized, stalked, abused, harassed, and threatened over five dozen professionals in our field — mostly women — as well as a number of minors. Threats have included kidnapping one author’s children, destroying the school of another author’s child, and laughable attempts at extortion and blackmail.

Despite the fact that dozens of individuals have lodged complaints with his local police department — the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office — and despite the fact that law enforcement agencies in at least three states have filed reports with them, local authorities continue to ignore Mr. Pacione’s behavior — including provable criminal acts which have been well-documented.

I recently asked them why via their Facebook page. As you can see, despite over 200 Likes from both local residents and those Pacione has terrorized from afar, and despite several other professionals speaking in the comments section about the abuse they’ve personally suffered from Pacione over the years, the Sheriff’s department has yet to respond. Maybe more people will have to ask them via Facebook. Or, if you don’t have Facebook, their phone number is (815) 942-0336.


Apparently, 30 episodes in, some of you are still unaware that I have a weekly podcast. You can find out more about it here. This past week’s show included an in-depth interview with Edward Lee and my thoughts on the Culture Wars, among other things.


  1. Regarding Pacione. The powers that be never want to do anything regarding mental illness. When a mentally ill person shoots someone gun control is the issue never the actual cause. P.C. is more important than preventing the damage these people do.

  2. Brian:

    This is Kim from Camelot Books – please e-mail me as I have been trying to get in contact with you


  3. Will Pressure be connected to the Labyrinth myths? And does this mark your return to mainstream publishing? At least this novel can take center stage in branches of B&n and other book sellers. You definitely deserve that wider audience and the pay day it should bring.

  4. Pressure sounds very interesting. Glad to see you going back into mainstream publishing, it will be nice to see your books on the shelves of my local Books A Million again.

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