By now, those who purchased LIBRA NIGRUM SCIENTIA SECRETA by myself and J.F. Gonzalez have had a chance to read it (if not, there are 1 or 2 copies here). And they know that most of the back story in our mythoi has now been filled in. What they probably don’t know is that there is a chapter missing from the book. See more, after the cut.


The original manuscript for LIBRA NIGRUM SCIENTIA SECRETA included a story by myself entitled “The Testimony of the San People Regarding Meeble”. In real life, the San People – also known as Bushmen or Basarwa – are members of various indigenous hunter-gatherer people of Southern Africa. They have a legend about a village whose population vanished overnight. The story involved Meeble exterminating that village. Because many of the early San People used petroglyphs, I thought it would be fun to tell the story via pictograph rather than text, similar to a comic book — except that there would be no words, only pictures.

So, I wrote up a script for it. Unfortunately, art delays pushed the book off it’s release schedule, and waiting for the assigned artist to finish this chapter would have put us even more off schedule. The publisher decided to cut it from the book, and I agreed that was the prudent thing to do. I replaced it with a reprint of “The Resurrection and the Life” instead — titled “First John, Chapter Eleven (Alternate Translation)” in the book.

But it continues to bother me that folks who purchased the book didn’t get to see that missing chapter, so I’m reprinting my original script below, for your enjoyment.


ART NOTE: This entire chapter is going to be depicted as a series of primitive petroglyphs (Google for imagery ideas). Please note – there is no text. The early San people told stories orally and via petroglyphs before ever developing a written language. Please remember to make these crude and primitive — just a step above stick-figures. Clothing should be minimal and relegated only to animal skins. Weaponry should be spears and arrows and clubs. Dwellings are crude mud huts.

Script Follows:

A Note on the Transcription

The San People of Southern Africa were an ancient tribe who told stories orally and via petroglyphs. The following petroglyphs depict a conflict between the San People and the offspring of Meeble, and of Meeble’s subsequent attack on their village.

FIGURE 1: A thriving San People village, consisting of mud huts. A communal fire burns in a pit in the center. We see men, women, and children. The sun is depicted overhead, along with a few crudely squiggled birds in the sky.

FIGURE 2: A San mother nurses a baby.

FIGURE 3: San children play in a river.

FIGURE 4: A San hunting party kills an elephant.

FIGURE 5: A celebratory feast takes place in the San village. This scene takes place at night. A crude moon and stars hang in the sky.

FIGURE 6: The village is attacked by a tribe of crudely-depicted ape men (reminiscent of the creatures from CASTAWAYS).

FIGURE 7: A battle between the ape men and the San people. The ape men should not be armed, but are vicious and use their claws and superior physical strength.

FIGURE 8: We see the ape men retreating from the village, with the San people giving chase.

FIGURE 9: The ape people are worshiping around an altar.

FIGURE 10: Meeble stepping out of a hole in mid-air. For reference on what Meeble looks like, see illustration in TEQUILA’S SUNRISE. Note, he should be taller and bigger than the ape men or the San people.

FIGURE 11: Meeble attacks the village.

FIGURE 12: A San warrior hides two children beneath a large basket.

FIGURE 13: A jumbled pile of corpses lie in the village center. Meeble stands near them, approached by the San warrior from previous petroglyph.

FIGURE 14: The warrior leaps at Meeble with spear outstretched.

FIGURE 15: The warrior is torn in half by Meeble, who is clutching the halves of his corpse in each hand, while the spear juts from his back.

FIGURE 16: Meeble is entering another hole in mid-air.

FIGURE 17: The two children emerge from beneath the basket.

FIGURE 18: The children stand amidst the chaos. Their village is in ruins and corpses litter the ground.



  1. Awesome! Thanks Brian. Would love to have seen the artwork. I enjoyed the book definitely worth the wait.

  2. Thoroughly enjoying the book, much appreciative of the work that you put into this tome. I am still waiting on my Lettered Edition to be shipped. Any idea of the timeframe? I know it is a publisher issue, but thought you may have some insight.

    1. Hi Jarod,

      I know the traycases are in production, so I can’t imagine it would be much longer. But no, I haven’t been told a date.

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