Welcome to this week’s Blog entry. I am house-sitting for my second ex-wife, which means this is being typed in my former office, the place where I wrote everything from the final draft of DARK HOLLOW to the first chapter of ENTOMBED. You can see what it used to look like in DEMONSTRATION OF THE DEAD (free to watch on YouTube). It doesn’t look like that anymore. These days it’s just an empty concrete bunker, devoid of all books and furniture. But there’s still a lot of creative energy inside, as evidenced by how much I’ve gotten done over the last few days.

I still feel bad about missing the Lewisburg Literary Festival, but on the plus side, I’m pretty much recovered, and I have to reluctantly agree with the doctor. I think another trip so close to the others would have probably done me in. That’s something to keep in mind when I start setting up next year’s signings and appearances.

While I was recovering, another immediate family member went into the hospital late last week for similar reasons. That person is recovering now, as well, but it was just another reminder of genetics, and the things we carry with us, and what is important, and what is less important. And time. Everything these days comes down to time.


This Thursday, electronic artist Xander Harris will be playing at The Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA. Xander should be no stranger to my readers and fans. His well-received debut album, URBAN GOTHIC, was based on/inspired by my novel of the same name.

I’ll be at the show (barring anyone else dying or going to the hospital) , as will my podcast co-host Dave “Meteornotes” Thomas. If you’re close to Lancaster, please consider coming to hang out. Cover charge is only five bucks. I may even buy you a drink. Or you can buy me one. Or we’ll buy them for each other. Here’s all the event details.


This month’s issue of Locus has remembrances of Tom Piccirilli by myself, Nick Mamatas, Ed Gorman, Linda Addison, and Jack Haringa. It’s not available online. Only on newsstands and in bookstores.


Publisher’s Weekly gave a starred review to the forthcoming SEIZE THE NIGHT, a vampire anthology edited by Christopher Golden which I have a new story in. They said one of the highlights is “Brian Keene’s restrained, heart-wrenching The Last Supper, in which a vampire’s loneliness eclipses his need to feed in a plague-devastated world.” This makes me happy, because it’s a personal story for me, and I put a lot into it.

The book is available in paperback and digital this October. You can pre-order it here.


I’m told that my new novel KING OF THE BASTARDS (co-written with Steven Shrewsbury) is doing very well in its first few weeks of release. It’s available now in paperback, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. Click here to purchase.


That’s all until next week. Podcast to record. Manuscripts to mail. Books to sign and mail. Things to write. People to spend time with and tell them I love them. Do the same for yourself and the people who you love this week. You might not get a chance later.


  1. Brother, gotta say I’m digging the new blog entries each week. I’m too old for tumbling class or whatever the hell it was you were doing before. 😉

  2. “just another reminder of genetics, and the things we carry with us, and what is important, and what is less important. And time.” Thank you. and good to know you’re feeling better.

      1. Visit Bechtel’s and Dunkel’s for me. Four friggin’ years of my formtive years were spent there. Aside from the Sloppy Joes that were brought in by parents from Northern NJ for football games and parent’s weekends, even football weekends sucked. The turkey hoagies were da bomb, though. 😉

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