As you’ve no doubt heard, author Tim Piccirilli passed away earlier this morning, after a long and tenacious battle with cancer. He was one of my best friends for nearly twenty years. As I said on social media earlier, I always called him “Big Bro” and he always called me “Little Bro” because that’w what we were. I am too heartbroken to find and craft the proper words, but it occurred to me that I don’t have to. Tom wrote two pieces years ago that never fail to make me laugh. Indeed, there have been low points in my life when I re-read these pieces, and laughed all over again.

The first one is here, and every word of it is true. The second piece, inspired by the first, is here, and all of it is true, as well (until the point where we left the signing, at which point Pic turned it into a Hunter S. Thompson meets Butch and Sundance pastiche, because he knew that I would love that). As I have every time I’ve re-read them, I’m laughing again, even through tears.

Thanks for that, big bro. I fucking miss you already. Give Dick and Jesus and everybody else a hug from me.


  1. So sad. My prayers go out to his wife Michelle and his family.

    I was lucky enough to meet Tom at the first Hypericon in Nashville back in 2005 and he was kind enough to sign his books for me and yes, he even signed Dark Father.

    It was great fun to hear him read from Headstone City as well.

    He will be missed and I really missed not being able to speak with him and hear him read again at the World Horror Con in Atlanta this year.

    Rest in peace and God bless,

  2. Oh wow! How truly sad I feel hearing this news. All my prayers and thoughts to Tom and his family and friends during this awful time. I treasure his work and will even more so now. RIP Tom. You gave a great fight. But God said its time to come home son. SO as WE lose you here, we know you’re needed more there. God Bless!

  3. I am very sad to hear that Tom died. I just recently found him. I read The Last Kind Words and The Last Whisper In The Dark and I was hoping for more of Terrier Rand and his family. I was sad at the passing of Chub and I am very sad at the passing of Tom. RIP Tom.

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