1. Brian you are the TRUMP of horror fiction. You tell it like it is. I listen to you every week and have always bought your books. My favorites are the Delirium Press books. They are too nice to break the binding

  2. As I sat here eating my trailmix, watching Brian make a fail on the buring of the COVER PAGE, NOT his “works” as he said he was buring. LOL Pause. Another handful of trailmix. Ok. So I realize he insulted me as one of those who watches reality tv and has the right to vote. Far before I enjoyed the laughter of the “reality” shows there were good comedy shows on tv. I HAD to switch to the other as it is not PC to have comedy shows now unless of course they’re filled with propoganda, agenda’s, reverse racism, forced inmorality that unquestioned. So, I CHOOSE to check in to the “reality tv” now as my humor vice. Anyway, back to this challenge. I just want to see the end result of the book cover being fully burnt. And see if Brian suffered a 3rd degree burn? Is that possible in the next installment? Pause- trailmix. Ok, I mean it WAS entertaining and in some way “reality tv”. Well video, but same concept. LOL So Brian, YOU just did what you we’re claiming was the fall of society in short. LOL Am I wrong? Just wondering. BTW- this is totally snark! *Except the trailmix was real. Thanks 😉

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