9884e58ca5ceb2ba56a0e0e40e883e03Longtime readers know that over the last almost twenty-years, all of my books and stories have been taking place in a shared universe. You might also know that I’ve been serializing a novel called THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH Book One online via Patreon. New chapters get posted at least once a month (usually more than that), and it only costs you a dollar per month.

So far, the novel has focused on the characters in their individual realities, but today’s chapter (chapter ten) will bring significant squeals from longtime readers. That’s because today’s chapter is when Frankie, Teddy Garnett, Tony Genova, The Exit, Don Bloom, Nelson LeHorn, Lucifer, and Amun finally meet. That’s right. Characters from THE RISING, EARTHWORM GODS, DARK HOLLOW, and various other books and stories gathered together in the same room and tasked with one simple job — save all of reality from almost certain extinction.

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