A long time ago I wrote a short story called “The Siqqusim Who Stole Christmas”, in which Ob (from THE RISING quadrilogy) possesses the corpse of Santa Claus, and is confronted by mobsters Tony Genova and Vince Napoli (from the CLICKERS quadrilogy and various short stories). Soon, director Paul Campion (THE DEVIL’S ROCK) and I will launch a Kickstarter campaign to turn that story into a short film called THE NAUGHTY LIST. You can follow the movie’s official Twitter account, and you can also read Paul’s Blog in which he’s been posting about the trials and tribulations of making a short film.

Before we do that, however, Paul and I think you should have a say. What sort of rewards would you like to see from the Kickstarter campaign? Maybe there are some rewards we haven’t thought about that a lot of you REALLY want. If so, we’d like you to tell us. In order for us to keep track of your suggestions, we ask that you Tweet them to @The_NaughtyList or post them in the comments section below.


  1. I am a huge fan , unfortunately I also live paycheck to paycheck(if I’m lucky) so I can only donate smaller amounts . I thought of a smaller donation price that I would love. How about signed Brian Keene bookplates so I can slip them in my huge Keene collection.

  2. I love the bookplate idea. Also: a digital download of the film, and at a higher level, a DVD or Blu-ray of the film. Maybe a PDF of the film’s script, and at a higher level, an autographed hard-copy of the script.

  3. How about one tier is reserved for people who could be a a special guest on the horror show with Brian Keene? Probably would be a expensive reward… but for the people who can afford it I think it would be worth the honor!

  4. I think it should be something easy and allows you to keep the most money for the film. As someone else suggested, downloads! Books in PDF, quick little videos (Brian or Paul insults or praises you) so could be audio as well (voicemail recording). Just something along those lines 🙂 No shipping worries.

  5. Very cool. I’m thinking maybe a signed mini movie poster or DVD copy of the movie itself would be good incentives.

  6. you may consider creating some interesting artwork and provide it in various formats, especially since there will be Santa, allegedly, in the movie. Depending on timing it may work just fine but I’m just a poor visual communicator, so my opinion is questionable.

  7. I thought the live phone call was a great idea, which you guys did for The Cage. I signed up for that one, but the kickstarter didn’t happen. You should bring it back!

  8. Name a character after a big contributor. Names in credits at end. Names in credits at beginning. The beginning or end of the movie could be a pan over gift boxes with the names of donators (with or without blood). Santa’s list could be the names of donators…. Some kind of evil santa trinket would be cool. Also, I think when you release the movie on dvd/blu ray it should come in or with a bloody stocking… Limited edition christmas card(s) would be awesome.

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