CARPE NOCTEM 20th Anniversary Issue

The 20th Anniversary Issue of the legendary CARPE NOCTEM is on sale and shipping now. It contains my brand new story, “The Eleventh Muse”, as well as work from Brian Hodge, Weston Ochse, Linda Addison, and many more.

Back in the late 90s, it seemed like everyone in my “generation” of horror authors was trying to sell a story to Carpe Noctem. The magazine was available in places like Hot Topic and Tower Records, as well as bookstores and newsstands. You might think that since their fiction editor, Michael T. Huyck Jr., was my best friend, I got published there many times — but you’d be wrong. I never was. I collected more rejection slips from Mikey than any other editor at the time. And I deserved them. So, to have finally made it in with this 20th Anniversary issue? I’m very proud. And I think it’s one of my better stories. Also, we’re getting old. (I say that, because there’s been a lot of reminiscing lately among my generation of horror writers about the “good old days” of Gothic Net, Carpe Noctem, Chiaroscuro, Masters of Terror, Cabal Asylum/Welcome to Nod, Iniquities/Phantasm, and more).

Carpe Noctem 20th Anniversary Issue — click here to purchase.

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