MAELSTROM is my own imprint through Thunderstorm Books, specializing in limited edition hardcovers produced for collectors. Each annual three-volume set features a novel-length work by me, a novella-length work by me, and a book by another author of my choosing.

A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene
The Rising: Deliverance by Brian Keene
Six Days by Kelli Owen

A Conspiracy of One by Brian Keene (never to be reprinted)
Alone by Brian Keene’
Once Upon A Time In Midnight by John Urbancik

Earthworm Gods II: Deluge by Brian Keene
Sundancing by Brian Keene (never to be reprinted)
Answers of Silence by Geoff Cooper

The Rising: 10th Anniversary Edition by Brian Keene
Last of the Albatwitches by Brian Keene
A Necessary End by F. Paul Wilson and Sarah Pinborough

Apocrypha by Brian Keene (never to be reprinted)
King of the Bastards by Steven Shrewsbury and Brian Keene
Hag by John Goodrich

And now…your first glimpse at the MAELSTROM 2015 set:

THE COMPLEX – a brand-new, original novel by Brian Keene.

THE CRUELTY OF AUTUMN – a brand-new short story collection by Brian Keene, never to be reprinted.

And the third book? Well, we’ll save that reveal a little bit longer. But it’s a four novella collection by four authors…

Expect this to go on sale Autumn 2015 for shipping in late-2015.


  1. Awesome! Curious, will you be one of the four authors in the novella collection?

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