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Yes, it’s fair to say I have pulled back from social media — the exception being Twitter. Expect that to continue. It’s also fair to say I have pulled back from Blogging, in lieu of podcasting instead. Expect that to continue, as well (although I do occasionally still churn out a Blog, like this one from earlier in the week).

Kids come first. One graduates from college tomorrow. The other finishes first grade next month.

Health comes second. There are good days. There are bad days. That’s all I’ll say in public. Today I can both see and type, and I didn’t have to pop nitroglycerin, so I consider today a win.

J.F. Gonzalez’s estate comes third. I don’t care if you don’t agree with that. His wife and daughter and remaining literary obligations rank before you.

That leaves email, works in progress, Lifetime subscriptions, mail, and manuscript reviews.

EMAIL: Email is a lost fucking cause. I manage to answer about 2 of every 24 I receive. It’s nothing personal. It’s an issue of time management.

MANUSCRIPT REVIEWS: Right now, these are my main focus. If you haven’t heard back, it’s because you’re in relatively good shape and I am either writing you an introduction or a cover blurb. My goal is to have ALL of these finished by May 31.

LIFETIMERS: BLOOD ON THE PAGE is in house and signed. Half the outstanding Deadite titles are in house but unsigned. The other half are en route. I believe that’s everything? Lifetimers will also be receiving an exclusive holiday chapbook this year, never to be reprinted.

NON-LIFETIMERS WHO I PROMISED TO MAIL A BOOK TO: Now that everything is out of storage and in house, this is my next top priority, after manuscript reviews are completed.

WORKS IN PROGRESS: Below is a list of works in progress and their various progress reports (as of this morning). This changes daily, depending on what I have time to work on.

PRESSURE (Macmillan, paperback and digital, 2016)

85000 / 85000


ALL DARK, ALL THE TIME (self-published, 2015)

85000 / 85000


THE CRUELTY OF AUTUMN (Thunderstorm, hardcover, 2015)

30000 / 40000


WHERE WE LIVE AND DIE (Deadite/Lazy Fascist, paperback and digital, 2015)

78000 / 85000


HOLE IN THE WORLD (Camelot Books, hardcover)

65000 / 85000


INVISIBLE MONSTERS (Bad Moon Books, hardcover)

45000 / 85000


SUBURBAN GOTHIC (Deadite, paperback and digital)

40000 / 85000


THE COMPLEX (Thunderstorm Books, hardcover)

11000 / 80000


WITH TEETH (Cemetery Dance, hardcover)

20000 / 85000


RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL (Apex Book Company, paperback and digital)

8000 / 70000


THE MOTEL AT THE END OF THE WORLD (Dark Regions, hardcover)

2000 / 20000


DISSONANT HARMONIES with Bev Vincent (Cemetery Dance, hardcover)

2000 / 30000


RETREAT II with J.F. Gonzalez

5000 / 85000


DEAD AIR (Sinister Grin, hardcover)

2000 / 70000


  1. Busy is an understatement Brian. Though you forgot your serial novel “The Seven” which is looking really good so far. In regards to my email I sent you regarding to be killed by you, get to it when you get to it. I know you are aware that I never got the first email I don’t mind waiting to be killed.

    Thanks Brian!

  2. Return to lost level. Can’t wait. Love the podcast keep them coming. You get me threw all the driving I do for work.

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