Is that Jimmy Hoffa I see buried under Pacione’s fingernails?

Greetings. Checking in briefly. On the home stretch now with the new mass market novel. Two chapters left to write. Pre-readers combing over the rest. I’ll finish it up later this week, but then I’m jumping right into some stuff for the J.F. Gonzalez estate and finishing a draft of a Top Secret project involving myself, Christopher Golden, Kasey Lansdale, annd Joe Lansdale, and then the final draft of another novel called HOLE IN THE WORLD. Getting things done. Thanks for your continued patience.

In the meantime, I’ve got three new books out (this one, this one, and this one), and this ongoing web serial, and this weekly podcast. Check them out, if you like. For the time being, continue to expect (mostly) radio silence, except for Twitter. Nothing else to report, really. I mostly just wanted an excuse to gross out the internet with that pic.


  1. Fingernails like that, he can’t be trusted with his own S.N šŸ˜‰ Someone clearly needs to tell him about toilet paper…

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