rising-deliverance Go back to the beginning of the end of the world…

Hell has come to Earth as sadistic zombies rampage and massacre the human population. Reverend Thomas Martin lost his congregation to the chaos, but found two wayward survivors to protect – Becky and John. The three of them have holed up in Martin’s church in a desperate attempt for survival. But as supplies run low and civilization crumbles around them, Martin must come to a realization – God has abandoned them. But why? Is there any chance of hope in this new world? Is there any chance for deliverance?

Modern horror legend, Brian Keene returns to his fan-favorite universe of The Rising with a tale of faith, loss, and zombies.

This special edition also includes two short stories that expand and explore The Rising mythos – “The Resurrection and the Life” and “The Siqquism who Stole Christmas.”

Available now in paperback and Kindle. Nook forthcoming.


  1. sweet cant wait to read it on kindle, any idea how long before its on kindle? wife wont let me buy books any longer since i bought the kindle 3 ears ago and updated to the new on this year, great books your my new Stephen king but a 100 times better than him. Keep up the GREAT work

  2. Yeah, I saw it on my kindle last night and had to push the buy button. I kept seeing the “look for it in 2015” advertisement. The Rising was my first Brian Keene book and that’s all it took …hooked

  3. I am re-reading the entire Keene library available on the Kindle and JUST finished The Rising series. This was a beautifully timed release and I am really appreciative to have the chance to read The Siqquism who Stole Christmas. Brian – thank you for digging in and finding so much to give us fans irregardless of the curve balls life keeps throwing. You rock!

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