LISTENER MAILBAG: In this episode, Brian and Dave answer questions from the audience, including Brian’s picks for the best books of 2014, advice for writers, the legendary Don D’Auria, the status of various Hollywood adaptations of Brian’s work, creepy stalkers, Kindle vs. Kobo (and the Nook deathwatch), where Brian gets his ideas, favorite apocalyptic books, self-publishing, and whether or not Brian will ever write another zombie novel. Plus, Dave reviews Kingsmen: The Secret Service and Brian shows off his human beat-box skills.

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From this episode: The Top Ten Books of 2014

1. THE TROOP by Nick Cutter – PaperbackKindle
2. DEPRAVED 2 by Bryan Smith – PaperbackKindle
3. WE ARE HERE by Michael Marshall – PaperbackKindle
4. MR. MERCEDES by Stephen King – PaperbackKindle
5. DUST DEVILS by Jonathan Janz – PaperbackKindle
6. THE KILLING KIND 2 by Bryan Smith – PaperbackKindle
7. THE LIGHT IS THE DARKNESS by Laird Barron – PaperbackKindle
8. DOMINOES by John Boden – Paperback
9. TRIBESMEN by Adam Cesare – PaperbackKindle
10. THE HOGBEN CHRONICLES by Henry Kuttner – PaperbackHardcover


  1. I enjoyed the podcast, especially the parts about Nick who’s always goo for a laugh. I think calling him a gentleman is a bit of a stretch though.

    Also, I’ve actually read 9 & 10 on the 2014 list. The rest all sound good too.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Just a note to say just listened to esps 2 & 3 and throughly enjoyed them. Loved the Loeb quote about Kirby, and added several books to Amazon wishlist from esp 3.

  3. Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Janz at the PLA conference last year! We talked about you and a lot of other wonderful writers. Dust Devils scratched an itch for me I needed!

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