RICHARD LAYMON – In this episode, Brian and special guest-host Geoff Cooper reminisce about their friendship with the legendary Richard Laymon, as well as discussing his body of work and the impact his legacy had on the horror genre. Also, Women In Horror Month continues, and a sexist troll gets served. Plus, Fifty Shades of Grey dominates the world, and the great Melanie Tem is remembered.

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  1. I listened to the first 30-40 minutes and was struck by Geoff’s voice, he’s a dead ringer voicewise for Ray Ramano.

    Enjoyed what I heard……then my wife closed Safari and lost my place.

    I’ll get back to it soon!


    1. You’d be better off asking the publisher directly (they probably have more up to date info). Last I heard, which was about two weeks ago, all of the interior art had been finished, which means it’s in production.

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