Bev Vincent and I have finished the first draft of something called DISSONANT HARMONIES. We’d been wanting to collaborate together for a while, but couldn’t find the right project. Then, around 2007, we had an idea, spawned by the fact that both of us write to, or get inspiration from, music. And while our musical tastes are wildly different, we share a common love of bands like The Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp, Styx, Kansas, ELO, Wang Chung, and Pink Floyd.

What would happen, we wondered, if we were to make each other a mix tape and we used those mix tapes as our sole inspiration? I would write a novella using only Bev’s mix-tape for inspiration, and he would write one using only mine. And then we’d publish the two novellas together as a book. Geoff Cooper suggested the title. Cemetery Dance said they’d publish it. And so, once we had freed up some time, we started writing while listening to each other’s tapes.

DISSONANT HARMONIES was the result (and I ended up with a 30,000 word novella about soul-mates, unrequited love, and how sometimes doing the right thing means doing the wrong, all seen through the prism of the Labyrinth’s multiple realities and alternate universes). Both novellas have passed the first draft stage, but it will be a while before you see the book. We still have to revise and re-write, and then send them off to pre-readers, and then revise and re-write again, before we even send the manuscript off to Cemetery Dance.

Why then, if it’s not yet ready for publication, am I talking about it today? Well, because we wanted to share the mix-tapes with you. Presenting ‘Bev Vincent and Brian Keene’s DISSONANT HARMONIES Soundtrack’, only on Spotify.

The first seventeen tracks (Ice-T to the second Faith No More) are my mix-tape for Bev, with one exception. My original mix included “Black Lodge” by Anthrax, but since that is unavailable on Spotify, it is replaced here with “Intro to Reality/Belly of the Beast”. The rest of the set-list (Supertramp to Styx) are Bev’s mix-tape for me, with three exceptions. Bev’s original mix had included Supertramp’s “Dead Man’s Blues”, “My Little Island” by Mike and the Mechanics, and Styx’s “Kiss Your Ass Goodbye”, but since they, too, aren’t available on Spotify, they’ve been replaced with equivalent songs by those three groups.

The soundtrack is free to listen to. Enjoy. Maybe it will inspire something in you, as well…


  1. Mine is about the brother who left and the one who stayed behind, a series of mysterious disappearances, and the mother of all blizzards that heralds the arrival of something most definitely wicked.

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