So this happened last night

Back in December, Stephen King Tweeted about my Deadite Press novel DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN, which meant a whole bunch of new people came here looking for the book.

Last night, my friend Bryan Johnson was reading a copy of my Deadite Press novel DEAD SEA on an episode of AMC’s Comic Book Men. Which means a whole bunch more new people are coming here looking for that book. Hello to them. DEAD SEA is available in the following formats:


Thanks for checking it out. if you enjoy it, a complete list of all my books and comics can be found here.


5 thoughts on “So this happened last night

  1. I saw that on CBM last night! I’m finishing LAST OF THE ALBATWITCHES, which unfortunately means that nobody will be rushing to the website to check out the book. It’s their loss because Levi and Crowley kick assss! Levi Stotzfus is Horror’s answer to Agent Pendergast.

  2. I’m glad that happened. I still think that “Dead Sea” is your finest zombie novel. The characters were really fleshed out, ( forgive the pun) and forced the reader to really care about storyline.

    I still hold on to hope that there is a sequel someday.

    1. James: Well, there’s the semi-follow up, ENTOMBED. And now that the Labyrinth series is underway, who knows which door Amun is going to open next…? 😉

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