Listen for free! In this episode, Brian and Dave interview USA Today bestselling author Robert Swartwood, and discuss J.F. Gonzalez, David B. Silva, Amazon’s Kindle ban of Wrath James White’s new novel, Deadite Press book covers, mainstream disparagement of horror fans, the impending Marvel Comics reboot, and much more. Plus, things go terribly awry when, after six beers, Brian needs a bathroom break and Dave refuses to hit the pause button. Available now on iTunes. Don’t have iTunes? Click here to listen, via Project iRadio.

2 thoughts on “THE HORROR SHOW Episode 001

  1. I really enjoyed the show! Even got me a little teary when you mentioned my Horror Show magazine friend and editor, Dave Silva–with whom I worked for 5 years writing book reviews, interviews, and odd little games. After listening once, I’m hooked. Brian, you’ve got a radio-natural voice. Looking forward to the next.

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