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  1. Hello Brian, My name is Kenny and I’ve been a reader of your stories for almost…I’d say… 7 years? I have read a good hand full of your books. The first book I got of yours was City of the Dead. I was hooked like it was crack. When i finished I realized I read the second book and had to get the first. I recently got a kindle!!!! So now I’m trying to read everything you’ve written. Starting with the early dated stuff, then I’ll move on to recent stuff. The 13 is totally sweet! Earthworm Gods 1 & 2 along with the short stories were my favorite. I started reading the 2nd book online and never finished due to money problems (internet shut off) so it took my # years to finish. Then at the end you say a third book some day!!? Anyway I never email or blog or tweet etc. I try to avoid that kind of stuff, but for you I have to make an exception. Anyway I found out Teddy was going to be in The Lost Level and flipped!!!! I have always wondered what happened to him through all three books! You would hint at it or even bring the story by his house but still it was a mystery. I was about to accept him as being dead and then bam! Like waking up to someone farting in your face he is mentioned!!! Now, going through your older stuff first I have to wait to see what happed….it’s painful, BUT it will be worth it! I recomend your books to everyone I know, I am not gay but you are my favorite writer ever! (I’m 34 and sound like I’m a little girl seeing the Jonas brothers live) You are my escape from this harsh world, and want to THANK YOU for being there for me! I don’t know if you respond to these but that would be awsome, I’m gonna try writing here on a regular basis, so until next time sir….

    p.s. I was one of the lucky to get a signed copy of The Ties That Bind dvd in the mail
    peace, love and metal for all!!

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