My new novel, THE LOST LEVEL, is officially available now in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. To celebrate, I’ve written a new essay for my pal Nicholas Kaufmann’s The Scariest Part. You can read the essay here. I talk about survivalism, prepping, and how the universe decided to teach me a lesson, and how all of this relates to THE LOST LEVEL.

And if you haven’t yet gotten a copy, as I said, THE LOST LEVEL is available in the following formats: PAPERBACKKINDLENOOKKOBO


  1. I pre order it and waited for what seems like ever but amazon pushed it to my Kindle yesterday and since have not put it down its really that great, and my 11 year old keeps screaming at me she wants to read it too ( she been waiting just like I have been) keep up the great work thanks for all the great books

  2. I read mine in 2 settings! If you are a fan of Brian’s and have not ordered yet, get it!!! Reminds me of every great Keene book mixed with LAND OF THE LOST.

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