THE SEVEN: THE LABYRINTH, BOOK 1 – A new online serial – Name your own monthly price – First three chapters already posted – Ob. Nodens. Leviathan. Behemoth. Meeble. Kandara. Part of a group of supernatural entities known as the Thirteen, they are waging war against the universe, the multiverse, and reality itself. Already, numerous Earths are dead in their wake. Now, they have joined forces for a final assault against Creation. Only seven heroes, drawn together from across the universe, can stand against them. But humanity’s saviors could be even more destructive than their foes… Featuring characters from THE RISING, CITY OF THE DEAD, EARTHWORM GODS, DARK HOLLOW, and many more! The End is here!

THE LOST LEVEL – Available now in paperback and Kindle – (Nook, Kobo, and iBooks forthcoming) – When modern-day occultist Aaron Pace discovers the secrets of inter-dimensional travel via a mystical pathway called The Labyrinth, he wastes no time in exploring a multitude of strange new worlds and alternate realities. But then, Aaron finds himself trapped in the most bizarre dimension of all — a place where dinosaurs coexist with giant robots, where cowboys fight reptilian lizard people, and where even the grass can kill you. This is a world populated by the missing and the disappeared, a world where myth is reality and where the extinct is reborn. Now, side-by-side with his new companions Kasheena and Bloop, Aaron must learn to navigate its dangers and survive long enough to escape… THE LOST LEVEL

Trigger - High Resolution - Straight TRIGGER WARNINGS – Available now on Kindle, Nook, and Kobo – (Paperback and hardcover forthcoming) – This incendiary new non-fiction collection by World Horror Grandmaster Award winning author Brian Keene walks the line between profound and profane, poking and prodding everything from pop culture to politics. Whether it’s the downfall of America’s oldest mass-market publisher, the Second Amendment, advice on writing, marriage equality, crazed Internet trolls, writer’s organizations, the death of the Borders retail chain, misogyny in comic books, the history of the horror genre, or the apathy of a fading political system, Brian Keene shares his thoughts in that blunt, sardonic style readers have come to love.

LIBRA NIGRUM SCIENTIA SECRETA – Co-written with J.F. Gonzalez – Coming soon as a signed limited 400-copy hardcover edition and signed limited 26-copy Lettered edition – 10-copy Ultra edition sold out – Examining the back-story behind the mythos of Brian Keene and J.F. Gonzalez, and drawing inspiration from sources as varied as H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon to J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion, this profusely-illustrated work of art is a dream come true for devotees of both author’s works. Part spell-book, part history, and part religious text, Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta reveals the secrets behind the Labyrinth, Hanpa, the Thirteen, the Dark Ones, and much more. It is a dream come true for devotees of both authors.


  1. Brian, you may have posted this but what, if any, are the plans for limited hardcovers of The Labyrinth, The Lost Level and Trigger Warnings?

  2. My wife ordered the libra nigrum scientific secretary for me for xmas…I can’t wait for it to arrive

  3. I just got done reading the lost level. This book was a lot of fun to read and I can’t wait for the next one!

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