Preorders for the trade paperback edition of THE LOST LEVEL close tomorrow, January 9th, at 11:59pm EST. To get your hands on this new lost world, adventure novel as soon as possible, you’ll want to order now! Plus, pre-orders get free domestic shipping and you get the eBook immediately.

Kindle edition pre-orders will continue on Amazon until the release date for THE LOST LEVEL, which is January 19th.

I’m also happy to announce that Apex Publications will be publishing paperback and digital editions of both the sequel, RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL, and the prequel, HOLE IN THE WORLD. In addition, Camelot Books will be publishing a signed, limited, first edition hardcover of HOLE IN THE WORLD. Of these two novels, the second draft of HOLE is completed and the first draft of RETURN is halfway completed.

10 thoughts on “More from THE LOST LEVEL

  1. That’s awesome news Brian! I had a question in regards to Libra Nigrum Scientia Secreta. Do you think it will be released by February or are we looking at a Spring release date! No pressure my brother! I know you have a lot on your plate. I haven’t seen Larry active on Twitter so I was just curious if something came up! I am cool with it either way! So no worries! Your awesome fans understand shit happens, and those who don’t understand will get a boot up their ass from me.

    1. Libra Nigrum ran into some delays with the artwork. We’ve now added a second artist (M. Wayne Miller) and it is progressing. No word on release date yet.

  2. Brian – forgive me if you’ve mentioned this already and I’ve missed it (which is likely). Are all the books receiving hardcover treatment by a publisher? Or are Lost Level and Return only getting paperback treatments? Just wondering for my future book buying so that I have a whole Labyrinth set that matches, and not just some paperback, some hardcover. Thanks as always!

      1. This may be the first time I get a set in paperback and hardcover, just so I can read the paperbacks first before hardcovers come out. Good for you, bad for my debit card. 🙂

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