Which means a whole bunch of new people are coming here right now. Hello to them. DARKNESS OF THE EDGE OF TOWN is available in the following formats:


Thanks for checking it out. If you enjoy it, a complete list of all my books can be found here.


  1. Congrats! It was a solid read, and it’s good to see it get some press. Now, if we could only get some more worms…

  2. Hello to any Stephen King fans! I’m a huge Stephen King fan too. He’s my favorite writer of all time. King has shaped me as a reader and a writer not only with his own writing, but with his astute recommendations as well. He led me to Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Joyce Carol Oates, and Jack Ketchum. And now he has led you to another amazing writer. If you haven’t read Brian Keene yet, you won’t regret reading him. Stephen King recommended DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN, and that’s a great place to start. You won’t go wrong with any of Brian’s works, but I would also check out DARK HOLLOW and THE RISING right away too.

    Long days and pleasant nights!

  3. Awesome, Brian. I squweed when I saw it, then told Abby, and even my non-horror fan wife was like: “WOW!” Well deserved indeed, and really made me very happy.

    For visitors from Stephen King, my votes (whatever they are worth) are also for Ghoul, The Rising, Dead City, Ghost Walk, and A Gathering of Crows…

  4. Funny story. I got my first Kindle and this book was available for free as no. 1 on the list. I tried the book and the unknown author (to me), and the rest was labyrinth.

  5. Hello King fans! When you’re done with DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN( which btw plops you smack dab in the middle of the Keene mythos) you need to read GHOUL, DARK HOLLOW, and the lovecraftian EARTHWORM GODS. Actually, anything by Brian Keene will do, all his works are entertaining as hell.

  6. Loved it back in 2010 and I’m sure a reread will need to happen soon. Great endorsement and I hope a lot of new fans get hooked on your fantastic collection!

    1. In lieu of recommending any one Keene book, just start anywhere. I promise you will end up reading them all.

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