“I had strings, but now I’m free. There are no strings on me.” — Ultron, Avengers 2

This will be my last new communique of 2014. After this message, I’ll be vanishing from all social media (including private accounts) until early next year, which will hopefully be better than 2014. This year I’ve lost a friend to cancer; another friend to an aneurysm; a home due to incessant, pummeling storms; a lot of money in conjunction with that; and another romantic relationship due to the fact that I’m really not the best prospect for such a thing. During a special bonus round, I also found out that I’m going blind.

While dealing with all that, I’m trying to be a father to a 6-year old and a father to a 24-year old (two entirely different skill sets) and stay caught up on already blown writing deadlines, as well as email, manuscript reviews, and Lifetime Subscriber shipments. I’ve succeeded at the first, semi-succeeded at the second, and am still way behind on the latter four. So, I’m going dark to focus on those (as well as continuing to work on J.F. Gonzalez’s literary estate, for which his fans can expect lots of good news in early 2015). If you post something to me via Twitter, Facebook, etc. expect it to go unseen and unanswered.

Look for a few automatic postings here between now and January — the annual Top Ten Books of the Year, some potential movie news, and a few other things. But as I said, those are set to post automatically. I won’t actually be pushing the button. Instead, I’ll be hunkered down in an undisclosed wilderness location, hammering my keyboard in an attempt to wrap things up.

Because that’s what you do when autumn fades and winter approaches and the snow starts to fall. You wrap things up.

It’s snowing right now as I type this, in fact.

In the meantime, please consider purchasing one of the following new books:

LIBRA NIGRUM SCIENTIA SECRETA (co-written with J.F. Gonzalez)

Or, if you prefer, one of the following new t-shirts:


Or, if you are so inclined, get your ticket’s for next year’s only official public appearance.

Thanks for your continued support. Have a safe and wonderful holiday season. I’ll see you back here in January with many surprises, like several long-awaited new books (including THE LOST LEVEL and TRIGGER WARNINGS), and concrete release info for the LABYRINTH series.

THE END is coming…

“It’s the end. The end of the path I started us on.” Tony Stark, Avengers 2

17 thoughts on “GOING DARK

  1. Brian, as a regular reader of your blog, allow me to express my sympathies on all the losses you’ve endured, empathy with all your challenges, and genuine grief to hear about your eyesight.

    For what it’s worth, you have all my best thoughts and wishes and every Christmas, I get a gift card from Amazon. I promise to deplete the company of as many of your books as I can.

    Good luck.

  2. This might seem strange coming from me, but I’m really sorry for all of the stuff you’ve had going on lately. Hunker down if you need to. Tie up those loose strings and see if you can start over again with a fresh perspective in the new year. Don’t let life plow you over. Good luck Brian. I wish you well.

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