Four Plugs

OKIKU – Mary SanGiovanniKindle/Paperback – .99/$5.50

Is anyplace far enough to escape ghosts?

Gina thought a small Japanese village far from anything she’s ever known would be enough to escape her past.

But someone wants to make sure she remembers each and every horror, and what she did — and didn’t do — to cause them.

STRANGE WAYS – Bryan SmithKindle/Paperback – $3.99/$10.44

Meet Delphine, Simone, and Zarina. Together they are the Sisters of the Endless Night. For centuries the coven has traveled the width and breadth of the country. Now the coven has come to idyllic Wagner Avenue, the very heart of American suburbia. It is here where the alluring witches will face their gravest challenges yet. Dark forces are in motion, the cauldron is boiling, the pentagram is bleeding, and trouble is brewing. The witching hour is here.

NO LIPSTICK IN AVALON – Robert FordKindle/Paperback – $2.99/$10.15

Sara Larson separated from her husband of twelve years and her life quickly turns into a streak of bad luck. She sets her mind to doing what needs doing–reinventing herself and creating the life she wants.

She puts to rest old ghosts, makes new memories, and tries to learn, all over again, what happiness and love means to her.

DIE AND STAY DEAD – Nicholas KaufmannKindle/Paperback – $8.89/$13.88

In this pulse­pounding sequel to Dying Is My Business, Trent, a man who can’t stay dead or retain his memories, tries to uncover his connection to a deadly Doomsday cult bent on destroying NYC by summoning Nahash-Dred, a powerful, terrifying demon known as the Destroyer of Worlds. And if they are connected, it means the truth of who Trent really is may lie buried in the twisted mind of a madman.

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      1. Absolutely! Every buddy read we do is going to support and promote your Deadite Press versions first! Not only are we getting awesome authors notes from you and sometimes a cool backup short story, but most importantly we know you are getting properly supported as well! We have a amazing turnout of “Thirteen” members signed up for your Rising series on Goodreads. I think that is a proper sign that we should start soon! LOL! After The Rising we are moving on to the Deadite Press versions of The Clickers series and then the Dark Hollow series! So I’ll be sure to link your fans once we start those!

        Thanks for replying Brian, I hope you feel better! I read on twitter you got the flu! =(

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