This is an activation of the Maelstrom early warning system. This is not a test. The 2014 Maelstrom collectible set will go on sale the first week of November. This test advises you to set aside $135. This year’s set includes APOCRYPHA by Brian Keene, KING OF THE BASTARDS by Brian Keene and Steven Shrewsbury, and HAG by John Goodrich (with an Introduction by Laird Barron). All three are signed, collectible hardcovers limited to 260 copies. Yes, the publisher will match numbers (when possible). (Please note: Former subscribers to the now-defunct Of Keene Interest print newsletter will receive a free trade paperback edition of APOCRYPHA). This concludes the early warning system. Set aside $135. Maelstrom V is coming soon!


    1. Brian, could you possibly give us fans/potential buyers a brief synopsis of Goodrich’s Hag? From the cover it looks to be a witch/succubus novel. I’ve read some of Goodrich’s Lovecraftian shorts and they were excellent!

      BTW, the cover to King Of The Bastards looks epic!!

  1. Hey Brian. I just finished reading Other worlds then these in the Delirium Books version of the Rising Selected Scenes From The End of The world. Is there any chance we’ll see more of Robert Lewis meeting up with Kevin Jensen from Earthworm Gods? I thought that was a amazing opening for the Labyrinth series. I know things probably have changed regarding your upcoming book The Seven. But I was wondering if this loose plot thread would be mentioned. =)

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