INVISIBLE MONSTERS is a new novel I’m currently finishing up. It is the second-to-last novel in the Levi Stoltzfus series (picking up three weeks after the events of The Last of the Albatwitches), and features Levi, Dez (from Darkness On the Edge of Town), and Simon (from The Cage and Earthworm Gods II: Deluge) in a showdown against the N.W.O., the Globe Corporation, and the entity known as Kat. (All of those books can be purchased here).

To thank you all for your patience while I got caught up on mailing this and reviewing manuscripts and doing final edits on the novel, there is a spoiler-free excerpt from INVISIBLE MONSTERS on my Facebook Page.

2 thoughts on “INVISIBLE MONSTERS Excerpt

  1. Mike Kazmierczak

    This made me think of a general writing type question, specifically one about titles.

    Chuck Palahniuk also wrote a book titled Invisible Monsters. Considering that his was published first (1999), does this have any impact upon what you (and other authors) call your book? Obviously there is a fame factor, there most likely won’t be another The Shining or Cujo or Frankenstein but does having similar titles make a difference?


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