The Fate of Levi Stoltzfus

Astute readers have noticed that I seem to be wrapping everything up. What then, of fan-favorite character and ex-Amish occult detective Levi Stoltzfus? 

Levi first appeared in Ghost Walk, the sequel to Dark Hollow. His story was then continued in A Gathering of Crows and the novella The Witching Tree. (An alternate reality version of Levi appears in Clickers vs. Zombies). With each subsequent story, Levi seems to get himself into more and more trouble with the forces of both Heaven and Hell as he straddles the uncomfortable line between hero and anti-hero — determined to be a force for good even if he must resort to evil to accomplish those goals. But with the climax of The Witching Tree, and his apparent damnation almost a certainty, many readers have been asking me, “What happens next? How’s he going to get out of this one? And when are we going to find out the rest of his back story?”

Well, today I know those answers. I can tell you a few of them now. You’ll have to wait for the others.

Levi will next appear in a novella called The Last of the Albatwitches, to be published in hardcover as part of this year’s Maelstrom set (which will also include hardcovers of the uncut edition of The Rising and a new novel by F. Paul Wilson and Sarah Pinborough called A Necessary End).

That will lead into an as-yet-untitled novella for Bad Moon Books, the plot of which takes Levi to Cleveland (the only person whom I’ve told the plot to is pre-reader Mark ‘Dezm’ Sylva, and that’s only because he was in the hotel room with me in Cleveland when I got the idea).

That will lead into a third novella, also still untitled, to be published by Cemetery Dance.

Then, all of these will lead into one final novel called Bad Ground, in which Levi goes home, and all of his back story — and his final fate — will be revealed.


(And yes, for those of you who don’t buy limited edition hardcovers, I do plan on collecting the four Levi novellas into a book-length volume — but that won’t happen for several years, so if you just can’t wait, The Witching Tree appears in Is There A Demon In You, and copies are still available).


Many long-time readers assume that Levi is one of The Seven (a disparate group of characters who will make humanity’s last stand, rumored throughout all of my novels). He isn’t. But his precursor, Nelson LeHorn, is. As well as Frankie from The Rising and City of the Dead. And Teddy Garnett from Earthworm Gods. And Tony Genova (from the Clickers series and various short stories). And The Exit from short stories “I Am An Exit” and “This Is Not An Exit”. So now you know five of the seven.

29 thoughts on “The Fate of Levi Stoltzfus

  1. Gef

    Ah yes, good ol’ Levi. He was my favorite character from Ghost Walk. Me thinks A Gathering of Crows should be my next Keene read.

  2. Mike Kazmierczak

    Is it too early to recruit Bev Vincent to start gathering this information into a companion guide a la her book The Road to the Dark Tower? The title for the book would even be pretty obvious: The Path Through the Labyrinth.


  3. Bob Freeman

    It is no secret that I have a deep seeded love for occult detectives in general and that I consider Levi to be one of the finest editions to my favorite sub-genre. This blog entry has made me very happy and I eagerly await Levi’s return.

    1. Brian Post author

      MD: Yeah, he is. Fixed that above. That’s what I get for typing fast. (And now y’all know five of the Seven…)

  4. Craig Cook

    For some reason, I thought Tony Genova was one of The Seven as well. Is that correct, or am I just making things up?

  5. sean

    sweetness. I am glad you are collecting the novellas in a separate book, as I have not been able to spend the cash to get them all at this time. do you have an idea of how long we will have to wait for the collection? is it one of those 5 year deals or will it be in a quicker timeframe?

  6. Brian Post author

    Craig: See comment above.

    Sean: Contractually, it couldn’t be released until each of those hardcover editions were sold out. So there’s just no way of knowing right now. It will certainly be several years from now, though (especially given that the next 3 aren’t even written yet).

  7. Kris Feader

    I can’t be the only person who thinks that Levi would make a great lead character in a TV series? Think Supernatural/Grimm style maybe. Maybe Netflix or Amazon would be a good place to sell it?

  8. Brian Post author

    Diablo: That storyline begins in this novella, but the big K himself won’t actually appear until the 2nd novella (which ties in directly with this one). Basically, without giving away too much, in the next three novellas, Levi is simultaneouslytaking on Kat, Meeble, the cryptids from Castaways, and the multinational Globe Corporation — all of which are tied together.

    1. Adrian Neary

      I’m glad to see the cryptids are making another appearance. I read Castaways a couple of years ago. Found out it was a tribute to Richard Laymon, and I ran through his Beat House series because of it.

  9. SpanishDiablo

    Will you release one anually, or have any timeline for them? I’m really looking forward to those series. :)

  10. dezm

    Wow. Just catching up on internet shit. Exit is one of the Seven! That’s as cool as cool can get. Awesome to hear The Globe Corp mentioned again as well. Good stuff, man!

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  12. Michael

    Is there any extra content in the published version of Earthworm Gods 2, that wasn’t in the free version on the website?

  13. gabrielzeros

    Will the next two unnamed novellas be collected in one paperback eventually, in the same way the paperback version of The Last of the Abatwitches contains both The Witching Tree and the Last Abatwitches novellas?


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