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Sergeant Warner demands the best from the people under his command, but what does he demand of himself? As the blizzard ends, the demons that drive Warner are finally revealed. But what of Ian’s secrets? Is Doctor Federman about to discover the truth about them?

This is a special issue. If you’re the parent of a gay teen and you’re sometimes unsure how to communicate with your child, then I encourage you to read and discuss this issue together. I hope it will inspire.

2 thoughts on “THE LAST ZOMBIE: BEFORE THE AFTER #4 – On Sale

  1. Vicki B.

    I’m surprised they haven’t done a movie on Chiller from any of your zombie tales. Last night, every movie they played was a zombie flick. I tried to watch one for a while, but I’m really not into it on film. I’m a paramedic, which is why I’m not into watching zombie movies but if I WERE into it, ‘Steve Niles’ Remains,’ the movie I watched for an hour last night, would be one that I’d watch. Probably ‘Night of the Living Dead’ too, it just took a while to get into the movie.


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