6 thoughts on “GHOUL – On DVD January 8th – Pre-order now!

  1. Mike Foster

    Brian, I am a HUGE fan. I read every book you write that’s can get my hands on. Which isn’t easy. I hope you won’t think I’m just a critical Asshole for saying this, but the Ghoul movie was a big let down. I’m not sure how much you actually had to south making the film itself, but I’m still looking forward to seeing many more of your books made into movies.None gets it right every time. Stephen king used to the man. It was an incredible book. Still my favorite of his. But the movie was absolutely terrible. Lol. Anyway, can’t wait to get my hands on more of your books.especially deluge.

  2. Ruderabbit

    Since our lame cable company still does not offer chiller, we have yet to see this, and are still very excited at the prospect.

    Still pleased that people think enough of your work to want to make movies out of the books you write….how fucking awesome is that!

    We love you Brother….Rock On!!!!!!!

    Mark & Paula (& Erin too)

  3. venes

    I did not read all of your books, but you may find interesting that I traded “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, at the height of its popularity, for Ghoul, paperback. Now, if I can only find time to read it.


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