How To Help Tom Piccirilli (UPDATED x 2)

As previously noted, author Tom Piccirilli is battling brain cancer. The disease is aggressive, but so is Tom. Although the surgery was a success, he has a very long fight ahead of him. There are five ways that readers, fans, friends, and peers can help.

1. You can donate money directly via this fundraiser on IndieGoGo. The fundraiser has been set up by Tom’s niece. All proceeds will go directly to Tom.

2. You can purchase one of his digital books published by Crossroads Press. From now until the end of the year, they are waiving their percentage, and 100% of the sales will go to Tom.

3. You can donate money immediately via PayPal to Tom’s sister-in-law. This money will help Tom’s wife Michelle with living expenses now (as the fundraiser money won’t be available until the end of October). See the Donate button at the top of this page.

4. Following the lead of Crossroads Press, Chi Zine Publications have announced that until the end of the year, 100% of the sales for the digital edition of Tom’s Every Shallow Cut will also go directly to the author.

5. For the month of October, all proceeds from the sales of Fantastic Stories of the Imagination will be donated to Tom.

18 thoughts on “How To Help Tom Piccirilli (UPDATED x 2)

  1. Chris K.

    Just bought 3 of those aforementioned books…as well as posting the donations link on other related sites…whatever I can do to help!

  2. Gene O'Neill

    Of course Pic deserves all the financial assistance the writing/reading community can extend. We have to take try and care for our own. Excellent writer, good human being. please do what you can.

  3. Guy Anthony De Marco

    An additional option is to buy a book for someone who has never read a Tom Piccirilli novel. This way, Tom gets some hospital bill help and he has a larger fan base when he’s ready to write again. Eric Jackson started this, and I matched his generosity. Tom has two new fans.

  4. John Palisano

    This is wonderful of you, Brian. Thanks for gathering all those links.

    Tom is a stellar writer, and man. Let’s hope the removal of the tumor allows his brain to stretch out and imagine more great stories for decades to come.

  5. Holly Newstein

    Downloaded some digital editions of Tom’s books. Even I can afford to do that, and get a rockin’ tale to boot. So do it, folks.

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  7. Julia Morgan (@MorganScorpion)

    My boyfriend bought me three of Tom’s novels for the Kobo today.
    Great value, great writing.

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  10. Wayne Simmons

    I’ve shared this via facebook and twitter, Brian. I’ve noticed other authors, such as David Moody and Andre Duza, have done likewise. Let’s hope that genre fans and writers can band together to help one of their own in a time of real need.

  11. Angelabsurdist

    I bought his first two novels for my niece.

    She loved Tom Piccirilli’s books so much that she’s buying a few more books, electronically.

    Hope this helps.

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