"And now, our feature presentation…"

Being an update on the various film adaptations of my work:

1. DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN has been optioned, with Scott Derrikson (The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Day the Earth Stood Still) and C. Robert Cargill attached.

2. CASTAWAYS has been optioned by Drive-In Films (Joe R. Lansdale’s film company) with Jon Wagner (Anniversary at Shallow Creek) and Damian Maffei (Closed For the Season) attached.

3. GHOUL, directed by Gregory Wilson (The Girl Next Door) and starring Nolan Gould (Modern Family), debuts on Chiller later this year, followed by an eventual DVD and Blu-Ray release. At this point, I am limited on what I can say about the movie, as it is now the domain of Chiller/NBC/Universal. Here is the official Facebook page and the official website. Full cast and crew details here.

4. DARK HOLLOW remains in development, with Paul Finch scripting. Director Paul Campion attached.

5. THE TIES THAT BIND: It’s been a few years since this short film, set in the world of The Rising, debuted on DVD and made the film festival rounds. The DVD’s are long-since sold out (but you can find them on eBay). No plans at this time to re-release it, but Director Jeff Heimbuch’s next project is an adaptation of one of Mary SanGiovanni’s stories, so stay tuned for that!

16 thoughts on “"And now, our feature presentation…"

  1. Gardner Goldsmith

    Can’t wait to see all of ‘em — as long as my town doesn’t suddenly have some kinda bizarre dome of darkness around it, ’cause that would make it tough to get to the theater. Just thinkin’…

  2. Mitch from Omaha

    Since you’ve now had two movies officially made, and three more optioned, can we finally stop with the “mid-list” title? You’re in the big leagues now.

  3. Nate

    The sting of not having Chiller is lessened by the news of Ghoul getting a DVD/Blu Ray release. Definitely will be buying a copy for sure!

  4. Kevin Lucia

    Darkness is one of my favorite of yours, so that would awesome. Dark Hollow, too…and how cool would it be for someone to pick up on Levi and Ghost Walk? Love him. Just finished a bunch of Manley Wade Wellman’s shorts on Silver John, and he quoted the The Long Lost Friend all the time, too. Bout ready to go pick up a copy of that myself, off Amazon…

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  6. Travis

    I can’t wait for Ghoul and really hope those movies get made. Conqueror Worms and Urban Gothic needs to get optioned after that.


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