A Tale of Two Timmys

247643_218750101486104_100000533470222_824584_5561313_nHere’s me and Nolan Gould (Modern Family) on the set of Ghoul. I’ve said in interviews that Ghoul’s Timmy is one of my most autobiographical characters. Now Nolan is playing him, and knocking it out of the park. It’s very strange to see someone playing a fictionalized version of yourself as a kid, and I’m deeply honored and humbled by Nolan’s portrayal.

Anyway, that’s where I was last week. There wasn’t a lot of activity here, but I did post a free soundtrack for Clickers II, and we celebrated today’s non-Rapture with Take The Long Way Home. Despite the free soundtrack and the four pages worth of Ghoul set pics, several people got mad at me for not answering their emails or posting a new Deluge chapter. We pointed and laughed at one of them.

Later this week, the complete author line-up for Horrorfind Weekend! Dead Sea! Clickers III for Kindle and Nook! An update on the much-delayed Of Keene Interest newsletter! And more…

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Timmys

  1. Sean

    That kid is hilarious on Modern Family! My favorite episode is when his dad turns into a flesh eating zombie and tries to kill his entire family until Cam shoots him once in the head with a confetti popper. Oh no wait, that happened with the dad in 2004’s Dawn of the Dead. My bad. Either way, Nolan is a great get and I can’t wait for Ghoul!

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