All across the world, millions of people vanish in an instant. Steve, Charlie and Frank were on their way home when it happened. Now they find themselves left behind as civilization collapses around them. They must travel through a nightmarish post-apocalyptic landscape in search of answers. Deadite Press is proud to bring Brian Keene’s critically-acclaimed masterpiece Take The Long Way Home back into print. Contains an introduction by New York Times bestselling author John Skipp. $7 CLICK HERE TO ORDER.

And don’t forget, new editions of Jack’s Magic Beans, Urban Gothic, Clickers, and Clickers II are also on sale now.


  1. Keith Meyers

    I have never been so quick to purchase a book! Very much looking forward to reading this as well as “Entombed”.

  2. AJ

    Hey Brian, I ordered JMB and TTLWH home today. Just curious if I am missing anything by skipping the new version of Urban Gothic, or is the same book I already own?

    I know Castaways and Darkness will be “author’s preferred versions” but does that mean additional content? Or just the new release is preferred to the previous?

  3. Brian

    AJ: For Urban Gothic, it’s the same book. Only two differences are the new cover, and the fact that I’ll actually get paid for this version. :)

    For some of the “author’s preferred versions” it will be new content, or adding material that the original publishers made me cut. For some this will be very slight. For others, such as The Rising, it will be major. I will make sure you guys know with each and every book, though.

  4. AJ

    Brian, Yeah I planned to pick up the new copy of Urban Gothic at some point, and prob gift the old one out to get someone hooked on your stuff. Just wanted two new books as opposed to one I’ve already read. Thanks for the heads up!

    As a side note, you’re web presence makes being a fan of your stuff absolutely amazing. Thanks!

  5. Kevin

    That’s awesome about the Rising! I’ve been wanting to re-read it for awhile, but I’ll wait for the new version!

  6. Marie

    I just got this, Jack’s Magic Beans and Clickers 3. If you order the 3 together using super saver shipping you can have them all for just under 32 bucks. It’s awesome because the money you save getting free shipping almost covers half of Clickers 3. I’m probably late to the party on Amazon’s free shipping dealy.

  7. Pat Martin

    I am waiting for rising on ebook version. I read my copy to death. I feel bad about Brian getting no pay for his stuff, that sucks. I can’t wait for the rising with new content/

  8. Michelle

    Hello, Brian.

    I’m new here and I love your writing, so could you please explain why you do not offer electronic versions of your recent releases?

    I normally do not purchase books that are not offered in electronic format.


  9. Brian

    Michelle: As noted in yesterday’s post, Kindle editions of Jack’s Magic Beans, Urban Gothic, and the first three Clickers books will go on sale this week. Nook and other formats should follow in about a month. As to why you can’t find e-book editions of older titles (other than Terminal) that has to do with Dorchester illegally selling them (scroll back through the Blog regarding the Dorchester boycott).


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