Z. A. Recht R.I.P.

I was told this morning that Z. A. Recht passed away last week. He was the author of Plaque of the Dead, Thunder and Ashes, several short stories, as well as some journalism. He was working on a third novel, Survivors, at the time of his death. He also served in the U.S. Army. He is survived by his parents and two siblings.

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  1. Jay

    This is a huge and strange shock to see here. I am a huge fan of his two books and was/am eagerly anticipating the followup. What hapenned (as if it changes anything)? What a loss to the genre for new readers. I really loved this man’s style. A real bummer to hear about this. I wish his family well.

  2. James Marken

    This is awful news. I read and re-read his books to the point of them falling apart. I was eagerly awaiting the new book and hope for a posthumous release. Rest easy.

  3. David P

    Wow! I can’t believe it!
    RIP ZA…

    I was never an avid reader as my attention span sucks. I was always a movie person and am in love with the Zombie genre and am a fan of anything zombie. One day I got an itch for a new zombie story and there were no movies at that time so I decided to search for a book to read. After much research I decided to pick up Plague. It was the first time in my life I could not put a book down. I read the book in less than week and immidately purchased Thunder and Ashes and read that in 4 days…
    Thank you Zach for making the reading experience so enjoyable for someone who is not an avid reader. Your story is amazing and I will look forward to your 3rd book if it is ever published. Thank you, thank you, than you….

    A fan forever,
    David Perez

  4. rube_star

    We are family members of Zach. We are deeply effected by his lose. We loved him and thought that his writing would go on forever. Our children were very close to Zach and his siblings and we feel greatly for them.

    Zach’s books have recently been re-released by Simon & Schuster and have been shownig up prominetly at very popular book stores. We are so thrilled every time we see these books in their new release format.

    We went to a Barnes & Nbble bookstore today and saw a nice display of Zach’s books in the “New Arrivals” display and took a picture and posted it on our Facebook site for all of our friends to see.

    We think it would be a fabulious tribute to Zach if you see a similar display in your favorite bookstore and take a picture and post it on your favorite social website for all to see.

    We think that it would be an awesome tribute to Zach to see how wide spread the distribution of his books has become and how well his writings have become accepted. When you see the Morning Star Strain portrayed in your favorite bookstore, take a photo and post it on your favorite social website and blog for all to see!!!

    That would represent a tremendous tribute to a belove family member who was a fabulous author.

    Thank you and love to the Recht Family.

  5. Severa

    Z. A. Recht i have something in commen, US-ARMY. I wish his family and friends well. i hate it that a great writer left us. not fair if you ask me. I hope to read your 3rd book. God Bless and Hooah!!! From all the soldiers to U.

  6. Jbweb


    I was just looking up thunder and ashes because I hadn’t read it
    when I found this. I’m in shock right now. USMC and aspiring writer
    right here. I’ll never be close to what Zach was. RIP and hooah.

  7. LisaL

    Very sad. I just got done reading the first Morningstar book and was looking up what the other 1 or 2 were called when I saw this.
    So tragic and a life taken too soon. RIP

  8. hammy330

    Really sad we lost such a great author. I had heard that he was working on a third book, that might possibly be completed by friends and fellow authors, any truth to this.

  9. Eric R (Thekidinboston)

    I was a huge fan of The Morningstar series. I have been lookind frequently for the third book to be released….I stopped looking for a while and decided to be patient. Now this. I am so sorry to hear of the loss. My prayers go out to the family and his friends.

    One question….. I understand that he was working of book 3 Survivors. Is it possible that you, Brian or someone else could finish it and release it in tribute to him?

    R.I.P. Z.A.

  10. Joseph Dench

    I loved this guy. He was so awesome. An amazing writer until the very end. Wish he could’ve finished it before he passed.


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