If your local bookstore didn’t put their copies of Urban Gothic out early last week, they should have them on display this Tuesday, which is the book’s street date. Also, there are still a handful of copies of the signed limited edition version still available for pre-order.

17 thoughts on “URBAN GOTHIC UPDATE

  1. shannon

    I just got my copy of Urban Gothis, and I am a little confused . THe book starts on page 267 then go to the intro of Darkness on the Edge of Town the starts on page 57 My copy is missing the first 56 pages? Has anyone else had this with thier copy?

  2. Brian

    Shannon – sounds like you got a misprinted copy. I’m sure if you show it to the bookstore, they’ll let you exchange copies.

  3. shannon

    Thanks Brian I was assuming that was it but was just curious if anyone else had encountered this error.

  4. Ryan Pacillo

    Just got my copy today.Im about 70 pages in and as usual with your books,I cant put it down.I love your work.

  5. Wayne The Train

    I am in the LEISURE BOOK CLUB and still do not have my copy. Called today and was told there was an error with shipping and should have by August 1st…I am sure it will be worth the wait! Hope it sells a lot, Brian!

  6. Thrasher669

    Amazing Book! I started liking to read because of Brian. Every story of his I read can’t be put down for too long untill finished with it. Every Person in the world who hasn’t read it yet should be on their way to the book store right now.

  7. Theresa Distelrath

    I just bought my copy of Urban Gothic! I love it! I’m about 50 pages in and had to put the book down for a family thing!!!! You rock Brian!!!!!!!!!

  8. Veronica

    trying to get a copy in the UK it is proving very difficult lots of people claiming to have copies Amazon ebay why is it so difficult to get your books in the UK

  9. adam

    urban gothic is kicking ass while i’m reading it!!!! your books kick some serious ass!!! i go to alot of book stores to see if they have anything by you and alot dont so i’m getting the good word around on your writing

  10. nick porter

    Cheers Brian just really excited about reading it!!Love your work.Seems like i have been waiting ages cos i prordered it in april i think.


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