Kanye West is a bag of fuck

Rapper and celebrity whiner, Kanye West, has written a book called Thank You And You’re Welcome. The book is 52 pages long. Many of those pages are blank. You can read all about it here.

When you’re done, let’s all collectively point and laugh at this pinhead. In the article he says, quote: “Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed. I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book’s autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books. I like to get information from doing stuff like actually talking to people and living real life.” End quote.

Kanye West is a bag of fuck. Instead of purchasing this book, you should instead purchase The Ice Opinion, written by Ice motherfucking T. It is an excellent (if somewhat dated) treatise on politics, racism, fame, and both violent and non-violent revolution.

45 thoughts on “Kanye West is a bag of fuck

  1. Jeff Heimbuch

    I hate Kanye West so much. He’s such a no talent ass clown. We should just write a book called “Kanye West Is An Idiot” and just have 52 pages of us bashing him.

  2. Douglas F. Warrick

    That is just unfortunate. I just lost a ton of respect for the guy. He’s an extremely talented lyricist, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just more of his “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” bluster, his kayfabe persona manifesting in a retarded way. Still, really disappointing.

    For what it’s worth, “Graduation Day” is an excellent record, if you can still enjoy it after this shit.

  3. noigeloverlord

    What a dick! I would never want an autograph from a book either I’d rather have one from the Writer!

  4. Jamie

    So what the son-of-a-bitch is saying is ‘I think I can make money on this, but I would never waste my time by reading it myself.’ You are correct- what a bag of fuck.

  5. Joseph

    not saying anyone should buy his book, but kanye is no idiot. hes actually a brilliant hip hop producer … and he cares more about earning a buck than what you or anyone else thinks about him. have you ever read or watched any interviews with the man? he’s a pretty good guy from what ive observed.

  6. Liz

    Did anyone notice it was co-written

    his spiral-bound volume, which was written with J. Sakiya Sandifer

    He couldn’t even write a full 52 pages on his own!


  7. noigeloverlord

    Joesph no disrespect but I’ve seen plenty of interveiws with him and all I ever hear him say is how talented he is and how he deserved that award more than the person who got it!(that’s been several times) He def. cares about making a buck.He cares more about that than he does anything else!That’s part of why he is such an ass.How someone can say other writers are self absorbed and then do a book(because he sure as hell didn’t write it)when they are one of the most self absoerbed people out there is just funny as hell!!

  8. Nicole Cushing

    Hmmm…his new book includes trite, fortune-cookie style epigrams, and he’ll probably make a boat-load of cash from it. So does that mean they’ll re-title the second edition as the Tao Te Bling! *rimshot*

    Seriously — if this brings cash into the ailing publishing industry and helps support the publication of less profitable books, I’m all for it. After all, it’s not like he’s getting my 10 bucks, yanno?

  9. Gorebeast

    Jeff I will co-author that book with you. Kanye West is indeed a bag of fuck. He is a worthless piece of shit. Everytime I see him in interviews and such I just want to punch him in his smug face. I’ve never liked his music and I feel that he hasn’t added anything of value to the hip hop community (unless you count being a whiny little bitch valuable). And don’t get me started on his post-hurricane Katrina rant…

  10. Joe Loubriel

    I just watched the South Park episode that burns Kanye West. He’s the only one who doesn’t get the “Fish stick” joke and gets really pissed when people tell him he’s a gay fish. He’s an asswipe in real life and in cartoons!

  11. Yoyogod

    What’s really sad is that piece of crap will probably outsell anything you’ve ever written just because it’s written by a “celebrity.”

  12. Ashie

    I never really liked Kanye ’til this year, but it’s only his music I like.

    The videos aren’t that great, the Nikes he designed are pretty shit, and, as far as I can tell, this book is a COMPLETE (as you said it) BAG OF FUCK.

    And I hate him and his stupid ego.

  13. jango_ferox

    When Ice T originally put his book out back in the early 90s, I was on an entertainment committee at the University of Pittsburgh, and brought him in to campus to speak. It was a fun year for that sort of thing. There was a little protesting about Ice T but the real trouble was when we brought in ex-LAPD chief Daryl Gates a couple weeks later

  14. Sanomara

    Well, I had a modicum of respect for the man until this. My inner psychologist says that he is dealing with the death of his mother, which he “caused” by paying for the cosmetic surgery that killed her, by rejecting her love of literature. So by denying her, he denies her guilt. Or he’s just a bag of fuck.

    Long live Ice T.

  15. Ste

    You dealt with 2 fat birds with one stone Brian; Kanye is a clown; and people should read more, and stop listening to dicks like Kanye West. And just to state that i am a rap fan – real rap like N.W.A., Nas etc….. Kanye is a bubble gum pop music bitch. Hit them books shawty!! Brian Keene is the Man.

  16. Whitney

    Yes. Yes, he is. I don’t even read your blog, my husband does, but I’m going to have to seriously agree with you. :) Thanks for writing real books.

  17. Brady

    Never did like the guy. Funny that such a mouth-in-motion blowhard fool could have so little to say. Doesn’t surprise me, though. Way to promote literacy, BAG OF FUCK.

  18. Jason Russell

    Someone needs to tell that bum that hundreds of years from now people will still love and respect the works of great authors I.E King, Shakespear and lets not forget my man Keene. West though won’t be at all, He’ll be lucky if people still know his name 5 years from now. Hell I never even heard of this guy till i saw this article.

  19. Krazykraz

    Wow, Kanye, you are an idiot. If you want to have people start respecting you and actually thinking that you are smart and know what you are doing, than maybe you should try educating yourself and stop suppressing your mind and your intelligence. Also, communicating well sounds good. I’m the biggest advocate for being yourself and not compromizing yourself in order to fit in, but if you are trying to stop people from oppressing you, than giving them another reason to oppress you (i.e. sounding uneducated and/or ignorant) is not the best of ideas. For example, by educating yourself you can defend yourself and expose the oppression you are suffering under and end it.

  20. Krazykraz

    And oh yeah, if you are trying to be a leader and the “voice of a generation,” than reading, writing things that are actually intelligent, and thinking from time to time will actually help you. I know racism is a big issue for you, but if you keep coming out and pretending to be the “ambassaor of all Blacks to every non-Black person,” than you are only going to make things worse for yourself and all other Blacks. Look at it, you are making yourself a negative stereotype of an African American male, you are destroying a genre of music by taking rap, which was originally used to enlighten people and bring issues to light. Yes there have always been dance songs and happy songs in hip hop, but when you make all this “music” with no talent “synthesized voices and beats stolen from other artists) and writing lyrics about having sex, abusing women, blaming all of your problems on “heartless women,” and never thinking that possibly maybe you have made a mistake in your life and every messed up relationship might have been caused by something you did or how you reacted, and not have totally been the fault of the female. I mean seriously, you are a main contributor to why people have negative stereotypes of Blacks and sometimes have the idea that every single Black person is the same. No, every Black person is different, every Black person is a PERSON, with an individual identity and can make their own choices, have their own interests, and oh God, might not even like your music. Secondly, if you have realized, many people, Black and not, who have fought against racism, have only made great progress when they think and are intelligent. Let me just list a few: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Ice T, and Ghandi. So maybe you should actually think before you go and create more racism in America and the world. Go get an education.

  21. Arkiel

    Kanye West: herald of the post-literate age.

    Seriously, they pushed this out after the South Park episode?

  22. Rabid Fox

    Kanye’s music is good, but outside that he’s annoying as heck. And, after watching the MTV Movie Awards last night, I’d like to add Eminem to the list of a-holes … just for spite’s sake.

  23. Katy

    Maybe if he’d ever read a book himself, he wouldn’t need a CO-AUTHOR to write 52 pages of fortune-cookie inserts and regurgutated cliches.

  24. Barry Napier

    Someone else said this above but yeah, he’s a dick and his mouth runs away from him…but musically, he’s a guru. This little event, however, has seriously made me hate him.

  25. Arcangel

    You are WAY to kind to be calling Kanye West a bag of “fuck”!!
    I myself personally think this idiot falls under serveral categories…
    Whiney Clebri-wannabe Cry Baby tempertanturm Bitch
    Narcisitic Murse wearing (Murse…Man-Purse) douche bag
    Ignorant Asswipe who has made such comments as “History? I aint got time to read ’bout no history…I am to busy making history”

    Not only is this guy a total F-ing talentless hack who given half the chance will utilize the “race-card” if things don’t go his way and blames “the man” for keeping him “down”…but he obviously is the poster child for ignorance and illiteracy as well

    What a waste of human life


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