DEAD SEA (2nd printing)

I was informed this week that the initial printing of Dead Sea is almost gone. Looks like it sold well enough to warrant a second printing. When this happened with The Rising and City of the Dead, the first printings of those titles increased in price on the secondary market, so it’s a good bet the same thing will happen with Dead Sea. Snag the remaining first printing copies while you can and then re-sell them a year from now for three times what you paid. (Note: You can tell if a Leisure title is a first printing if the title on the cover is ‘raised’–meaning if you run your finger over it, you can feel it).

14 thoughts on “DEAD SEA (2nd printing)

  1. Kody Boye


    I can get rich off of Keene!

    *Evil thoughts*

    lol, not really. Dead Sea is an awesome book. I wouldn’t sell my books unless A) I didn’t like them or B) I needed money for some desperate reason (AKA I needed to have some unnameable part of something inside of me pulled out.)

    So… Yeah.

    But yay for second printings! Go Brian! W0000t! *does the funky chicken*

  2. Mark Gunnells

    I totally agree with Mr. Smith. I think this book doesn’t get near the love it deserves, isn’t mentioned much, but it’s one of my favorites. The characters are completley engaging and 3-dimensional, the story very exciting and heart-pounding. It actually may be my all-time favorite Keene.

  3. Wayne

    DEAD SEA is a fantastic horror novel! Unfortunately, a lot of people are so stuck on THE RISING and CITY OF THE DEAD that they fail to see the brilliance of DEAD SEA.

  4. Chris

    I enjoyed the shit out of City of the Dead. It was fuckin great! A little to vulgar my taste though. Reminds me of E. B. White. How about a prequel to it? Call it “Stuff Is Rising.”


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