EXPLORING THE LABYRINTH is a new series of essays by Kit Power, in which he will read every one of my in print books, in the order they were published. The series is presented for free by The Ginger Nuts of Horror. The first installment, focuses on CLICKERS by J.F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams (and for the record, I agree with Kit’s assessment that you can’t write a series about my interconnected mythos without including the first Clickers novel, even though I didn’t write it). Click here to read it. Continue reading EXPLORING THE LABYRINTH


Book signings and convention appearances for 2018 will be very limited. There may be three or four more added to this list, but that’s all. Current Schedule: February 23 – 25 Con Nooga The Chattanooga Convention Center Chattanooga, TN May 11 – 12 Second Annual Horror Show with Brian Keene 24-Hour Telethon York, PA Note: Details forthcoming in January July 19 – 22 NECON 38 Baypoint Inn & Conference Center 144 Anthony Rd. Portsmouth, RI 02871 Note: I will be receiving the Necon Legend Award (along with fellow honoree Carole Whitney). August 3 – 5 Scares That Care Weekend 5 … Continue reading 2018 SIGNING SCHEDULE

GHOUL in Audiobook

GHOUL is now available in audiobook, read by the great Chet Williamson. Click here to purchase. There is something in the local cemetery that comes out at night. Something that is unearthing corpses and killing people. It’s the summer of 1984 and Timmy and his friends are looking forward to no school, comic books, and adventure. But instead they will be fighting for their lives.  The ghoul has smelled their blood and it is after them.But that’s not the only monster they will face this summer…. From award-winning horror master Brian Keene comes a seminal novel of monsters, murder, and … Continue reading GHOUL in Audiobook

Kindle Pre-Orders for RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL

RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL — the sequel to THE LOST LEVEL — comes out February 2018 in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo. Kindle editions are now available for pre-order. War has come in this sequel to the best-selling novel THE LOST LEVEL. The snake-like Anunnaki have always been a blight for the people living in the hidden dimension known as the Lost Level, but now, the denizens are fighting back. After their community is decimated and their loved ones are enslaved in the aftermath of a devastating Anunnaki attack, Aaron Pace leads a diverse group of warriors — including … Continue reading Kindle Pre-Orders for RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL

The Horror Show Hits 200,000 For 2017

I’m happy to announce that my podcast, The Horror Show with Brian Keene, has officially surpassed 200,000 downloads for 2017. Thanks to my co-hosts Dave Thomas, Mary SanGiovanni, Mike Lombardo, Geoff Cooper, Phoebe, and Dungeonmaster 77.1, and to the Project Entertainment Network for hosting us. If you’ve never listened, now is the perfect time. The shows are free, and available on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, and all other platforms. You can even listen from your computer via the Project Entertainment Network website. Every episode features a mix of genre and industry news, jokes, insight, and interviews with folks … Continue reading The Horror Show Hits 200,000 For 2017

Apex Black Friday Sale

The great holiday dedicated to capitalism is upon us–Black Friday! Over at Apex Book Company, you can get 30% off paperback or e-book edition of my novels THE LOST LEVEL, KING OF THE BASTARDS, and THRONE OF THE BASTARDS simply by using the discount code CHEER17 at checkout. But wait, there’s more! Apex is also offering an incredible bundle — 10 brand new books, in both paperback AND e-book, for only $100. This huge bundle includes: Throne of the Bastards by Brian Keene & Steven L. Shrewsbury Everything That’s Underneath by Kristi DeMeester Entertaining Demons by Daniel I. Russell Mars Girls by Mary Turzillo … Continue reading Apex Black Friday Sale

In 2018, Get Ready To RETURN…

February 2018 sees the release of RETURN TO THE LOST LEVEL in paperback, e-book, and audiobook from Apex Book Company.  (The hardcover was released earlier this year from Thunderstorm Books). Spring of 2018 also sees the hardcover release of HOLE IN THE WORLD, the third book in the series, which serves as a prequel to THE LOST LEVEL. That hardcover will be available from Thunderstorm Books. (Paperback, e-book, and audiobook will follow at the end of next year from Apex). Below are the covers for each (please note — elements may change before publication). If you’re late to the party, … Continue reading In 2018, Get Ready To RETURN…


UPDATE: SOLD OUT The collectible signed limited edition of CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ is available for pre-order. Few Millennium-era horror authors left as big an imprint on the genre as J.F. Gonzalez. CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ celebrates his rich legacy, featuring some of horror’s biggest names alongside tomorrow’s stars in a massive career-spanning tribute. Featuring stories set in Gonzalez’s literary worlds of CLICKERS, SURVIVOR, PRIMITIVE, and RESTORE FROM BACK-UP; examinations of his creative process and the lasting impact of his seminal works; personal tributes and anecdotes from those who knew him best; and much … Continue reading Pre-Order CLICKERS FOREVER: A TRIBUTE TO J.F. GONZALEZ


Now available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Kobo, a new edition of the seminal post-apocalyptic horror novel, featuring an original Introduction by Brian Keene and Cathy Gonzalez. It began as just another day for David Spires and his wife Tracy: coffee, breakfast, and getting the kids ready for school. Then the bottom dropped out of civilization. The world ends not with a bang or a whimper, but with a dizzying downward spiral. Instead of the rat race of commuters scurrying to beat the clock, humans are now packs of animals reduced to snarling primitives. David, Tracy and their daughter Emily, along … Continue reading PRIMITIVE Back In Print

The Ballad of S.T. Joshi, or, Saruman and Wormtongue Meet the Great Unwashed

I haven’t Blogged in a very long time, preferring instead the medium of podcasting (The Horror Show with Brian Keene and Defenders Dialogue) and my weekly newsletter, Letters From the Labyrinth. Therefore, my apologies if I’m a little rusty. The number one question I’ve been getting from readers since Friday morning is, “Who is S.T. Joshi?” This question has replaced such long-time stalwarts as “Why isn’t The Rising a movie?” and “Will you ever write a fifth Rising book?” and “When is Suburban Gothic coming out?” The answers, by the way, are “Because Hollywood hasn’t ponied up a dump truck full … Continue reading The Ballad of S.T. Joshi, or, Saruman and Wormtongue Meet the Great Unwashed


GOOD THINGS FOR BAD PEOPLE — Brian Keene’s fifteenth short story collection — is on sale now. (UPDATE: SOLD OUT!!!) GOOD THINGS FOR BAD PEOPLE features thirteen new stories by Grandmaster Award winner Brian Keene, none of which have ever been collected before, including collaborations with Mary SanGiovanni and the late J.F. Gonzalez. Running the gamut between quiet chills, extreme horror, and weird fantasy, GOOD THINGS FOR BAD PEOPLE is sure to please even the most jaded reader of supernatural fiction. $45. Limited to 180 signed, hardcover copies. This will be the only edition ever published. SOLD OUT. Continue reading GOOD THINGS FOR BAD PEOPLE


HISTORY OF HORROR FICTION my new, free online column for Cemetery Dance. As the title indicates, this monthly venture will examine the history of horror fiction, encompassing everything from the oral traditions of the Sans people and the Epic of Gilgamesh to the 1990s crash and today’s Kindle generation. Yes, I’ll certainly talk about Poe, Shelley, Matheson, King, Jackson, Laymon, Barker, Koontz, etc., but I’ll also be talking about authors you might have forgotten or never heard of. Chapter One: Not The Man For the Job is available for free right now. Click here to start reading. Continue reading Brian Keene’s HISTORY OF HORROR FICTION

An Evening with Brian Keene, Paul Campion, and Mike Lombardo

Friday, November 10th, join Brian Keene and filmmakers Mike Lombardo and Paul Campion at the Lancaster International Film Festival for a joint screening of Paul Campion’s short film THE NAUGHTY LIST (based on a short story by Brian Keene) and Mike Lombardo’s feature length I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY (Executive Produced by Brian Keene). Following the films, there will be a live Q&A with Keene, Campion, Lombardo, and several special guests. They will also be available to sign items, time permitting. The Lancaster International Film Festival takes place at Elks Lodge 219 N Duke St, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17602. Doors … Continue reading An Evening with Brian Keene, Paul Campion, and Mike Lombardo

SCHOOL’S OUT in Paperback and E-book

Paperback and e-book editions of SCHOOL’S OUT are now both available. From Grandmaster Award winning author Brian Keene comes a book for children and intermediate readers as well as adults. Eight-year-old Alan doesn’t like going to school, but when a global pandemic leaves him orphaned, cold, starving, and lonely, he has no choice but to set out on a dangerous quest to return to his third-grade classroom. SCHOOL’S OUT, an all-new post-apocalyptic novella by bestselling author Brian Keene, was suggested to him by his son (known to listeners of Keene’s podcast as Dungeonmaster 77.1), and marks their first official collaboration. … Continue reading SCHOOL’S OUT in Paperback and E-book

Michael Bailey Fire Recovery

Author, editor and publisher Michael Bailey and his family lost their home yesterday to the horrific wildfires currently raging through California. While they are safe, they only had seven minutes to flee, and as a result, they escaped with very few belongings. They need help securing food, clothing, and long-term shelter, particularly for the kids. In conjunction with Michael, I have set up a GoFundMe campaign. Michael has been made the beneficiary of this campaign, so that he can begin withdrawing funds immediately. The family has lost everything. The funds will be spent on food, clothing, toiletries, lodging, etc. Michael … Continue reading Michael Bailey Fire Recovery

October Appearances

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th, 2pm Nightmares Film Festival 17 Columbus, OH Details: A Brian Keene movie double feature — big screen showing of The Naughty List (based on Brian’s short story “The Siqqusim Who Stole Christmas”) and the world premiere of the feature-length I’m Dreaming of A White Doomsday (which Brian executive produced). Brian will not be able to attend, but Doomsday director and The Horror Show with Brian Keene co-host Mike Lombardo will be on hand to sign and talk. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21st, 10am to 4:30pm Haverhill Public Library 99 Main St Haverhill, MA 01830 Details: Brian will be signing … Continue reading October Appearances


I’M DREAMING OF A WHITE DOOMSDAY, a feature length film by Mike Lombardo, on which I served as Executive Producer, will have its World Premiere at 2pm on Friday, October 20th, at Nightmares Film Festival 17 in Columbus, OH. It will debut as a double feature with THE NAUGHTY LIST, a short film by Paul Campion, based on my short story “The Siqqusim Who Stole Christmas”, has been taking the film festival circuit by storm this past year. If you are anywhere near Columbus, please consider attending. Continue reading WHITE DOOMSDAY / NAUGHTY LIST Double Feature


CLICKERS FOREVER: A Tribute to J.F. Gonzalez Edited by Brian Keene Illustrated by Hannah Gonzalez Cover by Dave Kendall Featuring: Captivity – J.F. Gonzalez That Goddamn Grin – Robert Ford Vanilla Sunshine – Jonathan Janz Books with Bite – Jonathan Maberry Back from the Dead – Mike Lombardo Bangers and Mash – Matt Hayward Garage Clicker – John Urbancik On the Contributions of J.F. Gonzalez to Horror Literature – Mary SanGiovanni My Own Personal Jesus – Wayne Allen Sallee Algorithms of the Heart – Mike Oliveri Moist Air – Adam Cesare On Clickers II – J.F. Gonzalez Clickers vs. Mandibles: … Continue reading CLICKERS FOREVER – Cover Reveal